• Mechanical Pruning∙Hedging∙Topping


    We can hedge as narrow as 24″ with our machine.

  • Increase Profitability


    Significantly Lower Cost than Hand Labor

    Easier to Harvest

  • Healthier Trees


    More Airflow.  More Fruiting Wood.  Less Disease.

Mechanical Pruning

Why spend $300-$400 per acre to hand prune your orchard when you can do it mechanically for $30-$50 per acre, saving time and increasing production?


Our “Dual Arm” machines can perform a hedging and topping cut in one pass and can prune up to 10 acres per hour.


We can flat top your trees up to 20 feet high and hedge as narrow as 24 inches down the row centers.

Specializing in multi-angle hedging and mechanical pruning services for all types of orchards.

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