Indegrow-0064Indegrow Enterprises, LLC. is humbly at your service and can meet your mechanical pruning, hedging and topping needs anywhere in California’s San Joaquin Valley. We use only the newest technology available from TOL Incorporated to ensure the most precise and efficient cuts.  As hand labor becomes more expensive and difficult to find, mechanical pruning is a cost effective alternative that can add to your bottom line. (If you are new to mechanical pruning check out our Education Tab at the top of the Home Page.)  We operate dual-boom machines that allow us to prune and hedge two rows in a single pass, saving you time and money.  We can cut wood up to 6 inches in diameter and flat top trees up to 20 feet high. Our machines can also cut a swath as narrow as 24 inches for those that just want to open up the middles for ease of access and increased light penetration.  Our machines can cut up to 10 acres per hour to keep your cost down to a minimum.  Prices vary by orchard variety, type of cut and age.  Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.


Below are some popular cuts that are most often requested.

 skirt  multi_angle  roof_top  v_cut
Increase the longevity of your orchard.
Increase light penetration and decrease disease.
Reduce your annual pruning expenses.
Specializing in multi-angle hedging and mechanical pruning services for all types of orchards.

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